Monday 17 May 2021

WATCH: Premium Leisure - 'Easy FM'

I live in a perpetual state of being in awe of the music coming out of Oxford, I swear. Forgive my slight delay in sharing this one but... a big fat yes to new Premium Leisure. With contributions from local indie contemporaries Willie J HealeyAsh Cooke (BE GOOD), Casper Miles (Catgod), Mike Monaghan (Gaz Coombes), Jack Kendrew (PETSEMATARY) and Harry Deacon (Palace), Easy FM is the latest tune to be taken from a forthcoming EP, due this summer via Plum Cut Records

As ever, it's a delight, leaving me somewhere between wanting to replay this one over and over and needing another new track, pronto. Luckily for me, there's plenty more Premium Leisure to dive into before the EP arrives. On the track, Chris shares: "The song is a comment on the ease of following trends. And the difficulty of consistently staying true to what really pushes our buttons." 

The video for the track flicks between green screen and live action, and was conceived and directed by Henry Dartnall and Tom Bonsu-Dartnall of Young Knives.

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