Monday 24 May 2021

WATCH: John Myrtle - 'Spider on the Wall'

Most songs even ever-so-slightly inspired by our lockdown experiences make you want to roll your eyes back into your head too, right? How does a track from the perspective of the spider on your wall sound? The master of quirky musical narratives, John Myrtle has written just that, and tis a dream. Playing on the themes of isolation and, you know, being stuck inside your house, the imagined spider in the song finds what it sees of a human household to be ever so slightly underwhelming. Spider On The Wall is taken from John's debut record Myrtle Soup, releasing on 18th June via Sad Club Records.

John shares: "I thought a song that told a story behind closed doors was very fitting for the time we were all living in. With the whole album being written and performed at home in lockdown, writing and singing as a spider was freeing in a weird way. I was able to leave my house and go write about someone else's. Instead of envying the other people's lives, he's disgusted by them, and finds out that his home is the most comfortable of all." 

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