Wednesday 5 May 2021

WATCH: feeo - 'feels like we're getting older doesn't it'

Let me introduce you to one of the best tracks you'll hear this week... you're welcome in advance. Oxford's experimental neo-soul singer and producer feeo is back (rejoice) with feels like we're getting older doesn't it, the title track of her upcoming EP, due 4th June via local label Upcycled Records. The track was co-produced by the label's own (and local folk musician) Niko O'Brien. As ever, the production pulls together sounds sourced from far afield into a stunning tapestry. It's transcendent, and feels like we're seeing yet another side of feeo as an artist after recent singles End Song and Yeti

On the track, feeo shares: “‘feels like we’re getting older doesn’t it’ is about being a part of a generation who are too terrified of the future to move forward. Instead we eternalise ourselves in the eyes of those in our present. Both scared to grow up and yet constantly rejecting the naivety of our younger selves. When we were 15, our love letters felt like infatuation and lingering eye contact. Now that we’re older they start to feel a bit more like relationships that only exist when it’s nighttime. Living in the space between a fear of abandonment and total indifference. Sex is now just a token of our physical existence - gone in the morning.”

There's so much to love on the Oxford scene at the moment (as always) and feeo is a reaaaaaally exciting artist - a student of both fine art and computer science, she has a fierce creativity which manifests itself beyond the music. She once again created the video for the track herself, combining artistic camera shots with CGI rendered visualisations. 

“For the video I really wanted to explore the idea of performative physical intimacy as both an act of selfishness and selflessness. In order to perform, we must be perceived by someone else-the affirmation of self is totally tied to how others see us. I was thinking particularly about my own performance of femininity. The idea is that the video is totally self absorbed, totally revolving around me, and yet is a performance that only serves its purpose when perceived by others.”

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