Wednesday 19 May 2021

LISTEN: Max Bloom - 'Palindromes'

I have to say, this new one from Max Bloom is a complete delight. Palindromes is the second single to be taken from his forthcoming record Pedestrian, due on June 18th. The record is releasing via Max's own (and new) label Ultimate Blends, the new home for his future projects. The DIY ethos extends to the visuals - he's designed individual artworks for every song on the album, as well as animations (like the below) for the singles. At the heart, this one is a tender and romantic tune and my heart feels a little fuzzy.

On the track, Max shares: "this song is about how I got together with my girlfriend Anna, who also plays bass in my live band (and co-wrote two songs on the album). We were best friends for years, then she broke up with her boyfriend and we got together quite suddenly. It was completely unplanned, but when it happened it felt like a lucid dream. I wanted to write something to commemorate it (Anna has also written a few songs about it too), and after the darkness and grief of Perfume, it felt cathartic for me to write this song." 

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