Tuesday 6 October 2020

WATCH: BE GOOD - 'Dark Glasses'

"if there's someone out there could you make some kind of signal..."

As I usually work on Fridays, I can't help but feel a huge sense of impending doom (or is it just sleepiness) if I stay up late enough to listen to new tracks on a Thursday night. A week off last week meant getting to wait up for the new Dawes record once it was released - but not before having a little cry along to the new BE GOOD tune at midnight. I've mentioned more than enough times how much I adore this band, but really - how good is this new track?! That vocal effect at the end. Aaaah. Mixed and mastered by Kevin Tuffy and Gethin Pearson  - also really digging the video and those little snippets of central Oxford.

Over to frontman Ash Cooke with some words on the new track - "the words 'Dark Glasses' popped up a lot in the Patrick Melrose novels that I was reading during summer, and was definitely in my mind when we began writing this song which attempts to explore different ways we obscure ourselves in plain sight. For the artwork, we reached out to a photographer in LA (Jeremy Thomas Bryant) who had taken an oddly beautiful photo of a car full of rubbish. It somehow felt appropriate to the idea of the piling up of words and thoughts that we don't know how to share with other people."  

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