Thursday 22 October 2020

LISTEN: AM Shanley - 'Redshifting'

It feels quite exciting to be sharing a lot of debut singles and artists who are new to me (and therefore by extension, the blog) at the moment. While I love to ramble about how much I love my favourite artists, the blog is primarily here to share brand new music and it's quite a buzz to think that I might be the first place where somebody hears about an artist. Several years of running the blog and I still can't quite envisage that anybody has actually ever made a discovery via the blog, but it must have happened... once or twice? Maybe send in some fan mail about that. 

A couple of weeks ago saw an almost three-way attack of promo for this track, with fate (and the internet) pushing it onto my radar. The artist himself followed the blog online, almost simultaneously as his PR sent along a press release, and one of my favourite artists sent a personal recommendation telling me that I might want to check it out. All at once. Kind of serendipitous. 

The track in question is Redshifting, the debut single from AM Shanley on Analogue Catalogue Records. Released for the latest Bandcamp Friday, it's the first track from his upcoming record Hellacious, a collaboration with producer and engineer Julie McLarnon, with whom he recorded the track direct to tape (in ways far more technical than I'll profess to understand, but it sounds pretty cool.) Analogue, vintage, lap-steel and synth-y vibes reside in the DNA of the track. It'll warm you up inside, that's for sure. 

The video was shot by and stars photographer and visual artists Loredana Raffa

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