Thursday 1 October 2020

WATCH: Sophie Jamieson - 'Release'

"strewn on the beach or spinning round the city, oblivion never looked so pretty..."

I wrote about the long awaited and much welcomed return of Sophie Jamieson back in August and I'm delighted to share that she's got another track out now. Release is the second single and title track of her upcoming EP, due on 1st December. A delicately pulsing and almost trance-like wonder, Release shows us an artist at the top of her game lyrically, trying out a new style and relishing in it. There's a video below, filmed just after restrictions were lifted in London, showing the crowds in Soho. 

On Release, Sophie explains that "this song is a search for peace by any means necessary. I wanted to escape how I felt, to blur it and take the edge off it, to indulge in it and then leave it behind. It reflects the constant effort to balance feeling too much and feeling nothing, the desperate search for equilibrium that only ever ends in chaos." 

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