Friday 16 October 2020

EP NEWS: Dizzy - 'Basement Covers'

Not content with releasing one of the best records of the year (verified fact) Canada's Dizzy are back with a four track EP incoming - I audibly gasped at finding this news in my inbox... I adore this band. It's a selection of covers with tracks from The National, Talking Heads, Sylvan Esso and Britney Spears, but feels like it could be a set of Dizzy originals. Love love love. Released via Communion Records on November 13th, the EP is led by their cover of the TH track This Must Be The Place, which they'd recently shared to Youtube, along with their cover of Sylvan's Slack Jaw

Discussing the Talking Heads cover, the band's vocalist Katie Munshaw says "This Must Be The Place took on a new meaning once quarantine hit. We chose to cover it because it seemed like the perfect push and pull between being on the road and missing home and missing being on tour with your band while being stuck in quarantine." 

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