Tuesday 20 October 2020

LISTEN: Lizzie Reid - 'Seamless'

"your head is in the sand while I'm trying to keep mine above water. you still stay on land while I'm drowning out here in the water..."

Without picking favourites, there are certain publicists and PR companies who consistently send through brilliant new releases, and in whose hands (and emails) I feel pretty safe. For years now, one of these has most definitely been Stay Loose. They've introduced me to the likes of Novo Amor, Siv Jakobsen and Leif Vollebekk, as well as sending across early listens of music from firm favourites. An email from Paddy is genuinely a cause for celebration in my inbox - something which I'll either rush towards or try my best to save until last, a reward for wading through the inbox in its entirety. I was delighted this week to find this new track from Glaswegian singer-songwriter Lizzie Reid.

A new name for me, another sure sign that I might like what I heard here came in the first lines of the email - Lizzie has recently signed to Seven Four Seven Six, a label that has Matilda Mann and Matt Maltese on its roster. Seamless is exactly that - exposed vocals pair with strings (and we know that I love a string section) to highlight Lizzie's emotive songwriting. And if you try hard enough, you can hear her cat at the end of the track, I think. I hope they're getting royalties.

From Lizzie - "I listened to the demo on the train from London to Glasgow. I had tears streaming down my face. That was when I realised, I had written something deeply personal to me." 

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