Friday 23 October 2020

WATCH: MOY - 'At My Door'

Submissions to the blog seem to be constantly growing week on week (a brilliant thing but also... woah) and this makes finding tracks and artists that I enjoy even more of a rewarding prospect. I loved this from MOY which landed in my inbox recently. A slightly mysterious band who have shared few details of their background, what I do know is that they're a Glasgow based band fronted by a New Zealander, and from this track, I'm getting a bit of a Twin Atlantic vibe. It's fully possible that the Glasgow connection has me distracted. Listening to previous singles No Talk's The Best Chat and Start Me Up however, it's clear that this is a band exploring their sound as they make their first steps out into the world.

The new track is very much a guitar-led affair, with 'loud-and-quiet dynamics' (exactly the term I'd have searched for and been unable to find, so thanks to their PR Kat for that one). A bit of an indie-grunge amalgamation, it's unlike their previous releases, and probably my favourite so far. I'm all for those All-American Rejects esque shouty vocals. 

Talking about the track MOY explain that it "was written about escapism, a chance encounter with someone significant who takes you to a new place, wanting to return and when you can't, the reflection and understanding of the truth that is staring you right in the face. That you can't go back. We spent just over a month animating the music video which consists of over 3200 unique hand drawn images layered on top of each other. There's a hidden story woven throughout the animation which shows the track in a different light."

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