Friday 30 October 2020

WATCH: Mellah - 'Hitchin'

Since finding his previous single in my inbox a little while back, I've wanted to share a post introducing Mellah. He's new to me but seems to have a string of singles reaching back a few years, and has just shared his third of 2020. His tracks are cheery indie-pop on the surface, exploring themes like social media, psychosis and suburbia within the lyrics. If you missed Habit, the video is here - fair warning: you might need a strong stomach for it. 

New track Hitchin is a breath of fresh air, with a similarly breezy new video bringing me a lot of joy. A self-directed 'Merman odyssey' the video features friends and collaborators of Mellah - Lianne La Havas, Alaskalaska's Lucinda Duarte-Holman, Tiña's Josh Loftin and Barnaby Keen

Writing about the track, Mellah explains that it "is about relinquishing control. Forever pining and searching and digging for contentment, meaning and joy when in reality it's in your back pocket, all you need to do is stop looking for it to notice the free ride. The video is the best way I could think of to hammer that point home. It's a reminder to let yourself be who you are. It's so easy to compare yourself to others these days and you always come out second best. Contentment isn't over there, it's in here."  

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