Friday 27 March 2020

WATCH: White Tail Falls - 'Fake News'

Last night, I should've been seeing one of my favourite artists on the first tour of his new project White Tail Falls in the beautiful confines of London's St Pancras Old Church. Instead, I had to make do with a live performance, via the wonders of the internet, from his (shed) studio. Pretty magical, and I didn't have to leave the house, or get dressed up. I quite like these internet gigs. It also happened to be launch day for his video for the track Fake News, the title track of his recent EP.

The video is the first part, but the third to be released (keep up...!) in a trilogy of videos, with the previous parts arriving alongside tracks Give It Up, Son and Disintegrate. Filmed in Barcelona, the video brings together footage of a New Year's Eve beach party (fireworks and all) and the sun-drenched morning-after. Crowds contrast with the near empty beach, with footprints ready to be washed away by the sea. It's all a bit profound.

Irwin explains that the video "created entirely by Craig 'Attacks' Young, begins the three-part story of how our demons haunt us, through hedonism, through time and through space. Whilst the lyrics flirt with optimism in how: 'If everyone's lying, someone must be, accidentally, telling the truth', the video reflects the sorrow of how what was will never be again." 

The tour has been rescheduled (phew!) for this September, with tickets still valid and for sale here for shows in Brighton, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds and London.

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