Wednesday 11 March 2020

WATCH: Fickle Friends - 'Eats Me Up'

New Fickle Friends music? Yes please. They stormed onto the scene a couple of years back, releasing the brilliant debut record You Are Someone Else in 2018. I have a really vivid memory of us putting the album in the player when I was working at HMV, and a colleague running over to stop it once it started swearing. (Oops!) They're back with a new album in the pipeline and have released new tracks Amateurs and Pretty Great recently, and have just shared Eats Me Up. As always, it's a bit of a bop but there's a really important message about mental health in our social media obsessed world in the lyrics too.

I'll pass over to the band themselves to explain the track better than I possibly could - on writing it, singer Natti says "when we took some time away to write this new album it was a welcome break, but I found myself using social media as my main way of keeping up with things. It's a very tricky headspace to be in and there were moments where I felt very alienated, depressed, frustrated, jealous... and scared to say anything at risk of being shamed. Everyone who has access to these online platforms has a voice. They can build you up and tear you down, 'Eats Me Up' is about my relationship with that and how we all need to learn to find space away from it all." 

The video for the track was shot and directed by the band themselves. In a post online they describe the process - "we hired a sick camera, loads of lights, a haze machine [..] built cloud lights and turned Jack's house into a video set. The general idea was to create this kind of escape, a dream-like / nightmarish world that's representative of trying to find peace of mind... a kinda psychological calm within the storm." 

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