Wednesday 4 March 2020


"Are your thoughts like mine, coming with you to bed?"

Let me introduce SKIA - Norwegian alt-pop newcomer and honorary Liverpudlian. Following the release of debut single Anyone, she's back with IDWTAI, released today via Heist or Hit. Focusing around the title lyric "I don't wanna talk about it" the track is an ode to overthinking - or more specifically, not overthinking - I can relate. There's a debut EP due later to arrive later in the year with some live dates to follow, so dig your teeth into this one for now.

Talking about the track, SKIA explains that it is "a track about all the feelings I don't wanna talk about. It can be stress of the future, fear of moving on from something, or a flashback to something I've done that makes me cringe and that I really don't wanna talk or think about ever again." 

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