Thursday 19 March 2020

LISTEN: MF Tomlinson - 'You & Me, Babe'

"You and me are always going to have a place called home." 

One of my favourite discoveries of last year, MF Tomlinson has been gradually releasing singles for a few months now, and has just released the final piece of the puzzle, You & Me, Babe, alongside the full Last Days of Rome EP - listen to the EP here. On the track and the EP more widely, this project calls on a community of collaborators - with MF travelling from London and LA to his homeland of Australia, with Japan's Ami Koda on flute, UK's Connie Chatwin on violin and backing vocals, Finland's Viljam Nybacka on bass and Turkey's Yigit Bulbul on guitar and percussion. It's a big old family, and it sounds lovely. MF adds "during my time in London I've been lucky enough to meet all these amazing people - it's an honour that they wanna play music together." 

Talking about the final track, he explains that it is "a story of how I (and many others) live now in love, surrounded by people they love - about how people, not places, are your real home no matter where you are. About the happiness we find in each other, romantically, and in friendship. Some of the most powerful & important feelings we have aren't ruled by the big forces that shape the world, they're sparked and expressed by little moments. That's what I'm trying to capture." 

"I wrote this song about my wife, each line in the song relates to something specific but I wrote in broad strokes because I like to think that everyone has someone close to them who this song could be about. I want whoever is listening to be able to think about their own memories and fill these moments in with their own details." 

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