Friday 13 March 2020

WATCH: Oscar Jerome - ‘Sun for Someone'

From the first listen to Smile On A Screen a couple of years back, I've had a lot of love for Oscar Jerome. The Trinity Laban trained guitarist and member of afrobeat collective Kokoroko has been putting finishing touches to his debut album, and has just shared a politically and environmentally charged track, Sun for Someone, as his first new offering of 2020.

Talking about the track, Oscar explains that it is "about the extinction of the human race and it being a good thing for the planet. Once we are gone the earth will right itself and carry on like it always has. The Sun will keep rising for someone, be it animal or planet. It just won't run on the watch that we keep for our stubborn and unadaptable lifestyles. We often forget we are just a spec in time." 

The video for the track is directed by Joel Barney, and stars dancers Mukeni Nel and Antoine Sturge. Of the video, Joel explains that "initially when we first heard the track I knew that there needed to be dancing, however, after speaking with Oscar about the meaning behind the song, we found there needed to be a darker underbelly to the video. The surreal animal people were our tongue-in-cheek representation of the animals on earth watching on as we humans carelessly move forward with an innocent naivety." 

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