Monday 30 March 2020

LISTEN: Charlie Cunningham & Sophie Jamieson - 'Climb'

I love this! Charlie Cunningham, having shared his second album Permanent Way and a live EP last year, has just shared the second single from forthcoming Pieces EP. The new track Climb features guest vocals from Sophie Jamieson, who was supporting on Charlie's recent European tour. In a lovely and piece of gig-based serendipity, I first discovered Charlie when he opened at a Stornoway show in a church in Oxford in late 2015. Earlier that year, I'd seen Sophie opening for Sivu, in a church in London. In early 2018 I saw Sivu live in London with my friend Oli, from Stornoway, and who should be sitting next to us... Sophie! Small world, small industry, and all that.

While the first release from the EP was a sparse piano-led track, the new single sees Charlie returning to the sound that he is beloved for, and which I most associate with him. The acoustic guitar, with intricately finger-picked melodies creating a backdrop for a blend of the pair's vocals. As the press release for the track accurately posits - the result is intoxicating!

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