Friday 20 March 2020

EP NEWS: Rosie Carney - 'i dreamed i was the night'

EP news to share today, with Rosie Carney recently announcing the i dreamed i was the night EP to follow-up her debut album Bare. The EP is due for release on 10th April via Color Study, an indie label founded by her manager Spencer Kelley. The first track to be released is when i look at you, a track with themes of "heartbreak, betrayal and destruction." The video for the track reflects these themes, with Rosie explaining that "I never felt comfortable being in front of the camera, it's like I wrapped myself in chains, and I knew in order to really tell this story I had to break myself free from them." In the video, Rosie, alongside dance partner Tylor Deyn, uses subtle and minimal movement to portray the discomfort she has lived with for some time, describing the process as "the therapy I didn't know I needed."

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