Wednesday 27 January 2021


"Why do I turn to you to tell me who I am?" 

What a treat! There's a brand new MICHELLE track out today. Really loving this project... with songwriting from Sofia D'Angelo, Julian Kaufman, Charlie Kilgore, Layla Ku, Emma Lee and Jamee Lockard and production from Kaufman and Kilgore, they're a group of born and bred New Yorkers making some of my favourite music at the moment. Recent singles UNBOUND and SUNRISE were two of the best tracks I heard last year. New single FYO is a powerful reflection on the four lead singers' experiences growing up with mixed race identities. It's all sorts of brilliant. Featuring the four singers, the video is directed by the band's own Layla Ku and Emma Lee (and it's also brilliant.) 

On the meaning behind the track, Jamee explains that "FYO is about belonging to different worlds, but feeling rejected by both. Growing up as a mixed-race minority in the US, my self concept was warped by other people telling me what I am and am not, pushing and pulling me between identities. Although my feelings of cultural dissonance still ebb and flow, now I have the vocabulary, support system, and perspective to unpack that inner conflict on my own terms. We should never give others the authority to define who we are." 

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