Friday 29 January 2021

WATCH: Anna Leone - 'Once'

New Anna Leone, yes! Following from most recent single Wondering, new track Once is divine. It's produced by Paul Butler and is released via AllPoints/Half Awake. Anna is a self confessed video game & sci-fi obsessive, who loves escaping into other universes and found her love for storytelling through it. Though still battling debilitating stage fright, Anna has certainly moved on from acoustic covers in the privacy of her room - she originally picked up a guitar to perfect favourite tracks from the likes of Bon Iver and Laura Marling - and Once is the latest in a string of gorgeous tracks. 

On the track and video, Anna explains "the narrative loop comes from the idea of being stuck in your ways, going through the same patterns, but then choosing to break out of that and do things differently. Towards the end I reconcile with the past, symbolised by the little girl. I choose to embrace what once was in order to move forward. It was incredible getting to shoot the video in that beautiful environment. The weather was really unpredictable - we went through almost all four seasons in one day."

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