Tuesday 19 January 2021

WATCH: Tender Central - 'Galloper' (Live)

Just a few days to wait for The Garden, the debut record from Tender Central, releasing via Hello Friendly Recordings. Recent single Galloper is brill and has been elevated with a new live session recorded at Sorting Room Studios with a talented ensemble featuring Aaron GrahamMickey Smith, Nat Watson, Elise Yuill Cohen and Greta Vaughan. The track refers to India's racing heart and the physical symptoms that anxiety and panic attacks can bring, with the 'galloper' being a metaphor for anxiety feeling like hooves thundering through your body. It's upbeat and danceable nature reflects the subject of the track and it's another really exciting taster from the upcoming record. 

On the process of creating the record, India reflects on another creation... "I toured throughout early pregnancy playing with 'A Blaze of Feather'. I was playing two shows a night as I was also opening the stage as Tender Central. At 8 months pregnant with my son I finished recording the bulk of this album feeling him kick the cello and guitar through my belly as I played. And now, launching this album three years later I am pregnant with my second child. It seems that birthing an album and birthing a child goes hand in hand with me! It's been a musical start for this little one too."

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