Thursday 14 January 2021

LISTEN: Lizzie Reid - 'Been Thinking About You'

Happy Thursday, folks! Feeling in a bit of a rut (aren't we all?) while things around me and further afield are all so chaotic, so apologies for not posting so much at the moment. Trying my best to fall back into the rhythm. It'll happen. Searching through my submissions, a favourite showed up in the form of the latest track from Glaswegian songwriter Lizzie Reid. Her recent singles brought me some gorgeously delicate yet self-assured Laura Marling-esque vibes towards the end of 2020, and I'm loving this extra taste of her upcoming debut EP Cubicle, which is due out on February 10th via Seven Four Seven Six

While the previous tracks were mostly Lizzie and her guitar (the EP was recorded entirely in her house with producer Oli Barton-Wood, just before the first lockdown kicked in back in March last year) this new track is a little more raucous, and it's more collaborative, too. The guitar-led outro harks back to her past life playing in bands across Glasgow - as many as seven at once at one point!

On the track, she shares: "this is almost an appreciation song for a friend of mine. He was such a support for me at a time I wasn't feeling my best. I was going through quite a confusing time and felt guilty that I couldn't support him in the same way he supported me."

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