Friday 22 January 2021

WATCH: Ailsa Tully - 'Parasite'

"Wouldn't you love to control me?!" 

Happy Friday (we made it!) - in a week filled with a lovely selection of new tunes from the likes of The Staves, Anna Leone, Clara Mann, Memorial and so many more, here's one from one of my favourite new discoveries of last year. With her second single via Dalliance Recordings, it's Welsh songwriter Ailsa Tully, whose track Drive was one of my favourites of 2020. New track Parasite is an introspective, personal and passionate protest track of sorts, crying out against toxic relationships and gender power dynamics at play within the music industry.

The video for the track shows parasitic plants winding around vines, taking control. The visuals mirror Ailsa's journey through the lyrics of the track - on lines such as "I am naive, I make this so easy" we see her as this person perceives her, a feminine product to be shaped without much opposition. Always maintaining both composure and fragility through the vocals, the situation reverses as Ailsa sings "I could break you down, you parasite" on the chorus. 

She shares that "Parasite is a confrontational song written for a controlling and manipulative person. It explores the insidious manner in which sexism takes form, particularly within the inner workings of the music industry."  

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