Tuesday 14 May 2019

LISTEN: Pale Moon - 'Dust Of Days'

Better late than never with this one I think! I'm finally getting around to sharing Dust of Days, the recently released EP from Icelandic duo Pale Moon. The band is Árni (who, among other bands, worked with Of Monsters and Men on their debut album) and Natasha, a singer-songwriter originally from Russia. First up - as I've said before, it's kind of nuts that a band from Iceland found the blog and want me to write about their music... the power of the internet!

While Árni declares "I just want to make music and nothing else" and he has been playing in bands for much of his life, Natasha let music take a back seat and headed to Barcelona to study fashion. The duo met in Barcelona, deciding on a month long trip to Mexico to record some demos of Natasha's tracks. The three tracks that make up the EP explore different sounds and themes, coming together to create a really strong first release. Lead track Exile proves its worth as single material, being the punchiest of the three with stand-out harmonious choral sections. Once they've pulled you in with the  more rock-y opener, Waiting for the sun and Everything Is Alright bring some more psychedelic vibes to the table, sounding somewhere along the lines of Tempesst and Geowulf. Check the EP out for yourself below!

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