Tuesday 7 May 2019

WATCH: Cosmo Sheldrake - 'Cuckoo'

Cosmo Sheldrake is a genius - no debate. He shared a couple of new tracks on Friday in honour of International Dawn Chorus Day on Sunday. Dawn Chorus is a gorgeous instrumental track featuring a recording made in Dorset one midsummer morning that Cosmo posits could be "a tune to listen to while waking up." 

The second track is handily entitled Owl Song. Sharing the track online, Cosmo explained that it is "a piece I composed in 2012 in response to a painting of an owl that my girlfriend Flora painted for me. At the time she wasn't sleeping very well so I wrote it as a kind of lullaby. It is composed of recordings of all the British owls: The short-eared owl, long eared owl, little owl, tawny owl, and the barn owl. Of all these birds, the tawny owl and the barn owl are both on the amber list of endangered British Birds." 

As if the new tracks weren't enough of a treat, he headed out on release day to film a performance of the Benjamin Britten song Cuckoo at 5am, with the dawn chorus backing him up! It is a total treat for the ears, but the setting is equally sublime, with the sun breaking through the trees - very much worth a watch! Along with the video, Cosmo shares the fact that Cuckoo populations in the UK have dropped by 50% since 1995, and that they are on the red list of endangered British Birds.

Catch Cosmo at his only UK headline show of the year, London's Oval Space, on July 10th. Tickets available here.

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