Monday 27 May 2019

LISTEN: Winnie Raeder - 'I Wear A Ghost'

Fresh from releasing her utterly mesmerising debut single Don't You Dare a few weeks back, Winnie Raeder is back. I Wear A Ghost, a co-write with RØMANS, is her second single and it's displaying those gorgeously heartbreaking vocals.

Talking about the process of creating the track, Winnie explains that "you have baggage from previous times in your life that will manifest today, in the present, because where you have been in your life makes you. It shapes you." Talking about co-writing the new track with RØMANS, she goes on to say "it felt like it was already written. We had a conversation and the song just happened so naturally. We were just two people talking about life, talking about how things feel and how it feels to be human."

As well as a slot of the upcoming Bushstock Festival on 15th June, Winnie plays her first, sold out, headline show at St Pancras Old Church on 3rd June.

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