Thursday 2 May 2019

LISTEN: Rhys Lewis - 'In Between Minds'

For a couple of years now I've been in a near constant state of admiration for singer-songwriter Rhys Lewis. Shortly after discovering his music I passed up the opportunity to see him playing a hometown show in Oxford in favour of being sensible and writing an essay - a foolish mistake! With a gift for storytelling he consistently bares all in his tracks, which are often explorations of his own experiences (usually those of the romantic kind) - they're relatable and mirror thoughts and experiences that a lot of us have. His honesty is endearing and has earned him a really faithful group of fans consistently selling out his shows, as well as support from the likes of BBC Introducing

Almost a year after he released the Bad Timing EP Rhys is back with In Between Minds. It's a gorgeous collection of tracks, featuring recent singles Hold on to HappinessBetter Than Today and End Like This alongside new tracks Lonely As Love and Things You Can't Change. You can and most definitely should check it out here - the closing track is above, it's a really heartwarming number centring around the premise that "I love you for you babe, for all the things you can't change." 

Talking about the EP, Rhys explains "We're living in a weird time where we're all anxious. Everyone has their own thought and fears, but it's probably the same thing unifying them, and even though that divides us it should unite us and bring us together. Each track on the EP has helped me distill and better understand some of the heavier emotions and anxieties that had been sitting at the back of my mind for the best part of a year [...] writing songs has become a way for me to draw a line in the sand and be at peace with things whenever things get confused in my own head."

If you missed Rhys' London headline show last night, you can catch him at Bushstock Festival in June alongside a wonderful line-up!

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