Friday 23 March 2018

LISTEN: Self Help - 'Birthdayboy' EP

According to their bio online, Self Help "punk pops it with the jagged edges left on". One of the most charming sides of blogging on here is listening to music that I probably wouldn't have otherwise... pop punk isn't necessarily one of my genres of choice (or so I thought) but I'm really digging this new EP from the Oxford four-piece! BirthdayBoy features the brilliant tune Daydreams which I shared a few weeks ago alongside four more tracks. It's loud and a bit of a riot, whilst simultaneously being really well measured and never too much. There are powerful rhythm sections and some cracking guitar solos (especially at the end of the final tune Sensation, a favourite of mine), and it's all held together by lead vocalist Danny Jeffries and some pretty amusing lyrics. Get listening and if you're in Oxford, be sure to catch them this evening at The Cellar as they launch the EP with a special hometown gig!

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