Monday 12 March 2018

WATCH: Everything Everything - 'The Mariana'

"I don't know where I have been lately, I found myself in somewhere strange."

I recently shared the new Everything Everything tune Breadwinner - it was taken from their surprise EP A Deeper Sea, which opens with the much slower, much more delicate but just as hard-hitting tune The Mariana, for which they've shared a new video. Speaking with the NME about the song, the bands singer and lyricist Jonathan Higgs explained that the title refers to the deepest part of the world's oceans, the Mariana Trench, and the song itself is "about male identity and suicide and the current crisis there is, whether you believe it or not, with being male [...] it's another way to talk about things like depression." Though I couldn't make the show because I work weekends, I'm feeling incredibly proud of the band for performing what I imagine was an incredible show at Alexandra Palace this weekend - especially after the first three shows of their tour were cancelled due to the weather a couple of weeks ago!

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