Friday 2 March 2018

LISTEN: Rae Morris - 'Someone Out There'

I haven't posted an album recommendation in a while, but couldn't resist rambling a little about just how brilliant this record is for much longer. Almost exactly three years after sharing her beautiful debut Unguarded, the absolute star Rae Morris released its follow up Someone Out There at the start of February, and I love it. You can listen to Rae giving a track by track explanation of the record below...

The singles shared before the release were fairly promising but I was completely blown away upon listening to the record the whole way through for the first time. To be honest, it exceeded my expectations and in the month since its release I've listened to the record an immeasurable number of times, with each listen bringing something new with it. I'm finding myself relating to a lot of the tracks for various reasons and feeling quite intense emotions upon listening, something I'm not really used to - at times over the last few weeks it has felt as if Rae had managed to write tracks describing exactly how I'm feeling, capturing it better than I ever could have. There have unashamedly been more than a few tears shed to a couple of the tunes, but most of all I'm completely in awe of the record as a whole, describing it to anyone who will listen as a work of art and my favourite album of the year so far. I think what I love most of all is that Rae seems to be incredibly humble - I don't think that she's aware of just how good she is.

The record is a bit of a sonic change for Rae and I have to wonder whether I'd have really given the record a chance if I hadn't already been a fan of Rae's music - it's far more pop-oriented than most of my usual listening. That said - I completely adore the record. The production is incredibly strong, each tune seeming simultaneously so powerful yet so delicately put together. The lyrics are impressive throughout, telling beautiful and often heartbreaking stories, and nowhere is this more true than in the the likes of Rose Garden and the closing track Dancing With Character (listen to the lyrics closely and tell me you don't tear up.) There are some really lively, upbeat tracks like the singles Atletico (The Only One) and Do It and one of my personal favourites, the absolute tune Dip My Toe. Other favourites include the complete tearjerker (for me, anyway) Wait For The Rain and Lower The Tone - but there really aren't any weak links within the record.

Put short I think that the album is incredible, a shoe-in for a Mercury Prize nomination (surely?) and I would love to give Rae and Fryars a big hug for bringing me so much joy with the record. Check it out here and make your own mind up, and grab tickets for Rae's tour here.

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