Saturday 24 March 2018

WATCH: Banfi - 'Never Really Cared'

It's probably no secret that I completely adore the Banfi chaps, and it feels wonderful to finally have a full EP worth of their music to explore! Next step, an album...? They released The Jack Powell EP recently, featuring their tunes Never Really Cared, Future and Leaving Me Behind alongside their cover of Peter Gabriel's Mercy Street. With every new release they're growing in confidence, taking risks and the music is getting better and better for it. This EP is a beautiful collection of tracks, combining some great songwriting with vocalist Joe's unique voice, and some pretty catchy guitar licks and drum beats.

It's been pretty clear to me for a while that Banfi can't really do any wrong when it comes to music videos but they've completely outdone themselves with their new offering for the tune Never Really Cared. The video, in extension of the track's lyrics, explores the notion of finding it hard to tell somebody something that they didn't want to hear and "explores the concept of doing other people's dirty work". While the subject matter is pretty intense and sad, the video itself is hilarious (tell me you don't crack up at 2 min 46...) If all that isn't enough to persuade you to give it a watch - there's also an adorable dog!

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