Monday 5 March 2018

LISTEN: George Taylor - 'Stay Warm'

With the current weather, a song that opens with the lines "when you're walking in the winter, with the snow beneath your feet, when you feel the cold and shiver" seems pretty relevant - though it looks like the snow has all gone for the start of a new week! Stay Warm is the new single from George Taylor, a showcase of his beautifully soulful vocals and honest songwriting. This is theme through all his singles to date - as Taylor writes, "it all comes down to honesty for me [...] I always really believe in what I'm singing. I'm putting everything out on the table. I hope they hear it's real." 

He describes this new single as being "a song about longing for someone that you can't be there for", it's heartbreaking and compassionate - listen below. It's also on my chill/folk playlist - follow that here.

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