Thursday 1 March 2018

LISTEN: 10 O'Clock Chemical - 'Babylon Is Fallen'

Who doesn't love a synth? Describing their sound as "spiky electronic pop with a bass and funk emulsion", Stoke-on-Trent's 10 O'Clock Chemical have shared their debut single Babylon Is Fallen and it's a bit of a tune. The band are made up of songwriter, keyboardist and vocalist Rhys, drummer Danny, bassist Josh and guitarist Jack, with the four of them meeting through Stoke's music scene and finding that they shared a love for rock and electronica. They've been in the studio for over a year working on their debut EP, due in June, and this is the first release from it, a pretty promising debut which was produced by Matt Johnson (Jamiroquai) and mixed by Adrian Bushby (MuseFoo Fighters).

While on the surface the track is a quality slice of electro-pop, delve deeper and you find that it explores the "edgy uncertainty of contemporary life". The band describe that it is "about the unveiling of illusion and the birth of skepticism [...] It's a cry for liberty in the midst of our activities being increasingly surveyed, our speech policed and a call to revolt against the mundane order I believe has been put there by a much higher, darker source of power." 

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