Tuesday 8 March 2022

WATCH: Sunflower Thieves - 'Lichtenberg Figures'

Happy International Women's Day, folks! Celebrating with some of my favourite women in music on the girls allowed playlist and by sharing this gorgeous track from Sunflower Thieves. In the words of The Staves (ish) they're good good women indeed. Lichtenberg Figures is taken from their upcoming EP - if like me, you're unsure what those are, you'll know them but perhaps not by name... they're the branch-like scars or patterns which form on the human body or the ground after a lightning strike.) A symbol for finding beauty and strength through vulnerability. The video (below) was directed by Olivia Sofia Ferrara and is brill, as ever... as of course is the track. 

On the track, the duo share: "we were fascinated by Lichtenberg figures because of how they can look beautiful whilst coming from something so intensely dangerous and powerful as lightning. The song is about going through something traumatic and coming out the other side stronger, proving to yourself and others that you're unbeatable."

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