Tuesday 1 March 2022

WATCH: Ailsa Tully - 'Salt Glaze'

Last week was a bit ridiculous for new music, right? We saw the return of Florence + the Machine, Rae Morris and Nick Mulvey for one - and I am a little bit obsessed with the new Gang of Youths record too. Another new track which has been taking up space in my headphones this weekend is the new one from Ailsa Tully. Released via Dalliance Recordings, new track Salt Glaze touches on themes of family, friends, new relationships and home - it was written while Ailsa and her partner spent time living in her Grandma's old house during the lockdown in January last year. A beautiful home-made video captures this time and sits perfectly alongside the track. It's all just reaaaaally lush. 

Talking about the track, Ailsa shares: "My Grandma passed away a few years ago and the house remains unchanged, it was like a museum of salt glaze ceramic and abstract art pieces which began to absorb into my creativity. This song is about that space and how my partner and I tried to make it feel like home during that period while also knowing that it wasn't ours. It's ultimately a song about acceptance, balance and letting things be." 

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