Tuesday 29 March 2022


Some tongue-in-cheek indie-pop for your Tuesday, arriving courtesy of Irish artist EFÉ. A new name for me, EFÉ - AKA 21 year-old Dublin based Anita Ikharo - came onto the scene in 2020 with the release of her self-made debut EP What Should We Do This Summer? Her return sees the track KIWI, the first from forthcoming EP VITAMIN - C, set for release this June. The new track was co-produced with her best friend who.killed.romeo and mixed by Ben Baptie

In the video, which was thought up, directed and edited by EFÉ herself, alongside a group of close friends, we see... "a girl who goes camping, she's brought her laptop, fairy lights and cute magazines, but she can't light a fire or even hunt for food. She is super scared cause she sees a bear but then she falls in love with the bear." 

On making the video, EFÉ adds: "I came up with the concept and directed the video. It was definitely hard to make because it was very necessary that the right location was chosen as well as the right bear costume and right people to work with. I did cry a whole lot, scared nothing would come out right. I had so much fear around the video because of the huge pressure I put on myself to make it good. I also worked on some of the editing and colour grading so there was a lot I had creative control over. I think it was worth it in the end though and shows hard work and the right people around can really pay off!" 

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