Thursday 31 March 2022

WATCH: Bear's Den - 'Blue Hours'

Happy Thursday! I might have woken up to snow (say what?) and it might be a little bit miserable outside, but internally I'm reeling from a couple of overwhelmingly exciting album announcements in the past 24 hours. Yesterday, Maggie Rogers shared a trailer for Surrender (due 29th July) and Rae Morris seems to have just announced Rachel@Fairyland (due 8th July) - they released my favourite records of 2019 and 2018 so this is BIG news and I am all sorts of ready for new music from both. 

First, though, another record I'm eagerly awaiting this year is Blue Hours from Bear's Den, due for release via Communion Records on 13th May. I *might* be in the very lucky position to have already heard the record (ahhh!) and it is (of course) beautiful, but you all knew that! While you've got a few weeks to wait to hear the rest of it (sorry) you can wrap your ears around the title track now - which I think is actually one of my favourites from the record at the moment! It'll certainly go down a treat live - they're touring Europe and the UK across April and May, and North America later this year (dates & tickets here.) 

Blue Hours arrives with a video created by illustrator and animator Ryan Anderson here... 

Talking about the new track, Davie shares: "Fundamentally Blue Hours is a song about communicating with someone that's hard to reach. It's this idea of trying to have a conversation with someone through one-way glass, where they can't even see you and there's a real disconnect with how you're communicating. On one level, it's also an internal thing, where you're trying to get through to yourself. I think the act of writing songs, or even trying to write anything, is the act of trying to communicate, so I think there's something in that which is interesting." 

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