Tuesday 9 June 2020

WATCH: feeo - 'Yeti'

I'm really digging this track. Yeti is the latest single from Oxford producer and songwriter feeo. At 20, she's currently pursuing a dual honours degree in computing and fine art in the city. At first listen, I was blown away by the sublime vocals and I am currently being mesmerised by the live version I've just stumbled across for BBC Introducing in Oxford here. She describes that the track is "an exploration of the multiplicity of the human 'self' and its relationship with our concepts of 'other'. Using a myth based narrative, I wanted to look at the subconscious, primal self and depict the duality between this and the real world. I was particularly interested in looking at the parallels between myth and reality and the idea that myth is a projection of our deeper human selves." 

My love for the track grew on reading that the sounds throughout have been meticulously put together from field recordings, kind of Cosmo Sheldrake-esque in process. Engineered by Niko Brian and Hannah Jacobs of the local label/studio Upcycled Sounds, various sounds have been twisted together to form the track. feeo explains that "some of my favourite sounds on 'Yeti' Niko had collected when he was travelling and working in the Himalyas, a purposeful reference to the context of the cultural mythology surrounding the Yeti. These include a synth pad made from the glacial sound of ice melting and a dissonant siren made from a sample of a traditional Nepalese horn. It was important to use sounds that had a context that related to the concept itself - even if subtle, these details contribute to the narrative." 

The track's video is created by Kathryn Attrill and is thematically reflective of the subject matter of the track. About the video, feeo shares that "Kathryn was really into the idea of using salt to represent the tangible and the physical and then contrasting that with digital 3D animations to represent the intangible and metaphysical [...] the shot where I'm regurgitating the fabric was an idea taken from these photos of fake exorcisms by Mediums in the Victorian times. I really liked the idea of repurposing something that was once used to trick people into believing myth - as it plays with the idea of the Yeti being a mythical creature that we continue to pursue despite lack of proof. I find it fascinating that humans have so long sought after projections of ourselves in the unknown." 

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