Monday 1 June 2020

LISTEN: Amaroun - 'Rise'

As somebody creating and sharing content online, I've felt a little reluctant to post and to draw any attention away from causes and accounts which deserve it far more at the moment. On the other hand, it feels a little naive to assume that my relatively small blog going quiet would make that much of a difference, or that a small moment of quiet would suffice - racism is not a new issue, and not one that is going away quickly. While I don't want to pull attention away from more important matters, new music regularly provides a much needed distraction for me, especially from the other virus going around at the moment, so I still want to spread some new music and love here. 

While this blog is just me, I'm happy to see many of the artists I support, PR companies that I communicate with, favourite labels and the like pledging support to learn more and to do better, both now and going forward, whether via the 'Music Industry Blackout' on Tuesday or in other ways. We're all learning to do more together. 

There is more that I could say but there are other voices you should most definitely be paying attention to far more than mine at the moment, and I wanted to just share an incredibly poignant new track with you.

Peckham based Amaroun has been sharing a song a month this year - I absolutely adored Talk and put it straight on the playlist, but didn't get around to sharing it on the blog - her new single Rise feels particularly relevant right now. The track tells the story of a woman battling an internal struggle between doubt and self hate, whose inner voice tells her to rise. She explains that "when you fall or get knocked down, do not stay down, do not let them hold you down, rise up, rise up against oppression. If you are marginalised, if you are queer, it's hard out there! Tell your story proudly, see yourself, your change and your journey as  beautiful and as growth. You are an ever changing authentic being so just be exactly that." 

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