Monday 22 June 2020

LISTEN: Sabiyha - 'Love Me Alone'

If you're following the 2020 playlist you may have heard this track already... I'm sharing it here too as I'm really really enjoying. New from Sabiyha, a London-based British-Guyanese artist who I've been following since I caught her opening up a show for Sam Beeton way back in the slightly simpler days of 2012. Her second track of the year, co-produced by Avi Barath and Andrew James at Deptford Studios, new track Love Me Alone is one encouraging self-love and empowerment. 

Inspired by a period of her life following a string of toxic relationships, Sabiyha writes about the track: “I'm someone who embraces sexuality, however, that does not give people a free pass to treat me like an object. The behaviour of the men I was meeting made me feel 'like poison', assuming I’m someone that I’m not. I was taking that narrative on and near enough shaming myself. I wanted to hear remorse from these guys. This song basically says “I'm over this bullsh*t, I'm not letting this affect my self-worth; I'll love me”. We all have moments where our self esteem waivers, and we question ourselves as people. This doesn't indicate weakness, but the many shades of light and dark that we experience and how we can work through it.”

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