Tuesday 16 June 2020

LISTEN: Harvey Causon - 'Extended Present'

I'm surprised to find that I haven't shared a Harvey Causon track on the blog in the past *but* I'm fixing that with his latest single, Extended Present. The track follows up three singles released so far this year, and it is taken from the upcoming Fourth Wall EP, which is due for release on June 26th. A singer, songwriter and producer, Harvey's work brings a broad collection of electronic influences together with piano melodies, creating tracks which are often both dark and catchy. A tender vocal pulls together the tracks, drawing you in.

Talking about the new track, Harvey explains that "Extended Present is a song about spacetime and gravity inspired by theories of theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli. The almost chimerical realisation that time is merely a construct, nonlinear and that gravity and time are interwoven into the fabric of the universe. It was really interesting to work with different people across the globe recording the strings from isolation."

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