Wednesday 24 June 2020

WATCH: T Truman - 'Holiday'

I'm currently adjusting back to full time work (the real world is really tiring, no?) so apologies for the slightly quieter social media feeds and fewer posts... I'm currently on a day off, crying along with the new Phoebe Bridgers record, eagerly awaiting new Novo Amor premiering in a few hours, and having a boogie to this debut track. An alter ego in place to escape accountability for his lyrics, T Truman is the solo project from Timothy Lanham, one half of Halloweens and keyboard player for The Vaccines, and I am very much here for it. 

Holiday is the first track taken from an upcoming EP co-written and co-produced by his friend and long-term collaborator Geoff Roberts, and features ex-Vaccines drummer Pete Robertson on drums. The track paints a lyrically care-free picture with lines such as - "cos I just wanna forget about things, and have a good time ... take a holiday man, just cos I can, let tomorrow take care of itself." Timothy adds that "if I were to take the lyrics completely seriously, I don't think I'd like me." The video for the track is very DIY, "like an Anchorman feat. Joe Exotic unofficial tribute video, but that's what you get when you leave me in self isolation with a handycam." Loving it!

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