Monday 13 April 2020

LISTEN: Hailaker - 'Holding, Pt.1'

Happy drowning-in-chocolate weekend, folks. I'm slow at posting at the moment but music isn't letting up! The last couple of weeks have seen some of my favourite additions yet to the 2020 playlist, and a few days ago, a very welcome addition came in the form of a surprise Hailaker EP. Holding, Pt. 1 is the first part (of three) of their brand new record, releasing in full over the next few weeks. Cause for celebration!

If the project is new to you, it's the brainchild of Jemima Coulter and Ed Tullett, with a little music help from a bunch of their friends, including Ed's collaborator, Ali Lacey (AKA Ali Lacey). Their self-titled debut album was one of my favourite records of 2019, it's sublime. Sharing news of the new record online, the duo explained that it was written in a cottage in Swanage over a Summer, and recorded at Ali's place in September 2018. Can't wait to hear more, but for now... listen below!

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