Monday 20 April 2020

WATCH: Declan McKenna - 'The Key To Life On Earth'

Monday again? Surely not. Time for a brilliant new music video from Declan McKenna which dropped into my inbox last week (I think...) I haven't really listened to Declan much before, but off the back of this track and video I am going to take a listen to his debut What Do You Think About The Car? and will certainly be eagerly awaiting his brand new record, Zeros. Sadly, the release for the record has been put back from May to 21st August but I'm sure it'll be more than worth the wait, and we've got a couple of singles to be delving into for now. New track The Key To Life On Earth sees Declan's trademark blend of indie pop and psychedelic sounds, but it's the video which really drew me in. After a while being mutually compared to one another by fans, Declan managed to get none other than The End Of The F***ing World star Alex Lawther to act alongside him in the video and the result is superb.

He explains that "The Key To Life On Earth reflects on mundanity and hostility. I suppose it's set in suburbia much like my hometown. The video sees two people, who are very similar, in conflict with each other, and I think that's the simplest analogy for the song's purpose." 

On working with Alex, he adds that he was "someone I've wanted to work with for a long time [...] I was trying to get in contact after seeing how much people compared us online [...] We met up for tea a few times and found out we really did have a lot of mutual passions and ideas, and we shared and compared our experiences of working in our respective creative worlds. We hung out at the Extinction Rebellion and I ended up playing him some of my album. We were both keen to work together but syncing up timewise was pretty challenging. We eventually pulled together with the video's director Will Hooper [...] we finally managed to lock in a date to make this video - and just in time as it turns out." 

Declan's new record Zeros is due for release on 21st August - pre-order it here.

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