Monday 27 April 2020

WATCH: Jack Garratt - 'Better'

Time for the perfect Monday tonic... (I originally wrote 'Monday morning' before realising that it was in fact almost 4pm - how did that happen?!) Jack Garratt returned to our lives and our playlists earlier in the year with the world premiere of his first new music in a few years. Time arrived as the lead track to Vol. 1 of his sophomore album Love, Death & Dancing. And it was, and is, a tune. Complete with a music video that gives off big 'dance like nobody is watching' energy. Fast forward a couple of months, and Jack recently shared Vol. 2 of the album.

The lead track of this part is a song called Better which is really (really) brilliant. I can't stop listening! The music video, written and directed by Jack and Tom Clarkson, who directed the Time video, is incredible too. Also on this volume, Get In My Way and Mend A Heart are equally brilliant tunes - I'm really excited for the record. As Jack said in a post online... "there are bangers on this volume. I take zero responsibility for any furniture when you go flipping tables." 

The album Love, Death & Dancing is due on 12th June - pre-order here.

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