Thursday 23 April 2020

WATCH: Pêtr Aleksänder - 'Copy, Echo, Mirage'

Exciting new track and video alert from the duo that still hold the title for most viewed post on the blog (fun fact!) Following up their recent single The Something Else, contemporary-classical duo Pêtr Aleksänder (Tom Hobden and Eliot James) are back with the slightly surprising Copy, Echo, Mirage. Both tracks are taken from the upcoming Another World EP which is set for release via Kin Records on May 20th, their first release since the debut album Closer, Still.

I describe the track as surprising because this time around, while they've stayed firmly rooted in the genre they've carved out for themselves, there are vocals! A haunting vocal from Tom sits atop that gorgeous blend of contemporary and classical, with strings and piano creating another soaring, cinematic track. Of the inspiration behind the track, Tom explains that it is about "being enraptured by someone but having the pains of past love never quite letting you stay in the moment. The song's underlying sentiment questions over and over whether this new relationship can go the journey without succumbing to the inevitable pitfalls that everyone faces along the way..." 

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