Friday 20 September 2019

LISTEN: Annabel Allum - 'Gravel Not The Grave'

It's somehow already a week since Annabel Allum released what is surely one of the best EPs of the year. Gravel Not The Grave is made up of a collage of sounds and influences, touching on elements of punk-folk and slacker-pop. It's a little dreamy in parts but with an overarching sense of feistiness throughout, as Annabel makes a call for change on various levels. She explains that in the EP "you are immersed in the process of revolutionising one's life. Conceptually it's about getting up and changing the thing you're most miserable about, whether that be an unhealthy relationship, political injustice, or addiction." An admirable and strong message!

In support of the EP, Annabel heads out on a headline tour this Autumn - taking in Guildford, Bath and Norwich soon - tickets/dates here.

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