Wednesday 18 September 2019

LISTEN: Cosmo Sheldrake - 'Orby' and 'Prefusify'

Worth checking out for the absolutely brilliant artwork alone, I'm delighted to say that there are two new tracks from one of my favourite artists, the ineffable Cosmo Sheldrake. First up, Orby features Andrea Vargas on vocals - she sang on Cosmo's track Rich on an EP he put out back in 2015. As Cosmo explains, it is "a track I made as a birthday present for my friend Orban Wallace in 2013. I tried to design him a bespoke dance tune! It features Andrea Vargas singing a version of an old sacred harp song. It also features the sound of me dropping a log off a bridge into a frozen pond, slowed down and played backwards, among many other things." 

The second track, Prefusify, is different in sound, but still identifiably a Cosmo tune. It was made way back in 2008 when he was 18, one of the first tracks he shared online (back in the Myspace days I imagine?!) He adds that it "features many things including some Mongolian throat singing!" One of the best things about listening to Cosmo's music is wondering about the source of the different sounds within the tracks - when you hear something that sounds like a simple bass note, it is more likely to be a recording he's made of an animal up a mountain while abroad, or of some slate being smashed together. The seemingly endless realm of noises that the natural world offers creates a really exciting soundscape and a really unique collection of tracks.

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