Thursday 19 September 2019

LISTEN: Roman Lewis - 'When I Was Yours'

Roman Lewis has shared the first track from his upcoming second EP! The 18 year old singer-songwriter released his debut EP earlier in the year and played a gorgeous set early in the day at Bushstock Festival back in June. There's a lot of promise in his beautiful vocals (which are somewhat Fil Bo Riva esque, I find) and songwriting, so I'm looking forward to hearing more of the new EP.

For now, Roman explains of the new track that "I was getting over someone and got to a place where I was just a little sad all the time, so I sat down and thought a little and realised how funny it all was. I was getting caught up on all these things that didn't matter and realised how ridiculous I was being so just kind of laughed then wrote this song. Writing it put me into a really good mood and listening to it does too now."

Roman Lewis is touring in support of Bloxx in October, before playing a headline show at London's Courtyard Theatre on 23rd October. Tickets via Communion Presents here.

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