Wednesday 25 September 2019

LISTEN: Overcoats: 'Leave If You Wanna' & 'Keep The Faith'

Some of you may have caught my post about Brooklyn duo Overcoats recently, with their track and video, The Fool. They're keeping up the momentum with two brand new tracks, Leave If You Wanna and Keep The Faith - releasing all three tracks as a limited edition gatefold 7" vinyl in December. Together, the tracks explore a theme of empowerment, of "fighting for self, spirit and soul at all costs". Of the new project, the duo explain that "we often use songwriting as a way to wrestle with our doubts about love, but this is the opposite. It's a way to be proud and take a stand in the face of doubt. It's about not giving up." Watch Leave If You Wanna below...

And here's Keep The Faith...

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